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Self-care for Men

Self-care and self-love revolving around men is unfortunately not popularized. So in order to break the stigma and advocate 4 positive mental health practices, read below.

What is Men’s self-care?

Men’s self-care isn’t much different than women’s. Pampering, relaxation, and improving one’s self-worth and mental state is all involved. When practicing self-care as a man in this day and age, you should take time for yourself to relieve and prevent stress as well as target both your body and mind.

Your goal when practicing self-care as a man is to focus on reflection and your physical state in order to, later on, produce and be the best that you can be. Taking time to really focus on Yourself rather than others during this time can set you up for success in the future.

Things men can do for self-care

  1. Focus on the body – Whether it’s eating well, exercising, or just taking extra time to groom yourself, focusing self-care on your body is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. You use your body daily often to pick up heavy things or do difficult activities, so really taking time to show it some love can truly be beneficial.

  2. Eating well – When you eat well, you inadvertently feel well. Start your days, especially your self-care Day, by making a good breakfast that has all the nutrients one may need. Then, make sure that throughout the day you stay away from junk food and focus more on recipes that can make you feel good altogether. Now, this does not mean that you have to give up on your beloved junk food, but taking a day or two to really focus on intuitive and healthy eating can really do wonders for you.

  3. Relax – Jogging or running, sitting back and enjoying a movie, participating in a sports-related activity, or simply most importantly that men need to do more often is processing feelings out with somebody. This can really hammer in the relaxing aspect of self-care. This is the time to completely let go and be one with yourself.

Overall, men’s self-care is essential to a healthy and fulfilling life, so to all the men… take some time this week to partake in it. something that works for you may not be in this blog as we are all different, so comment below some self-care tips you found that are beneficial!

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