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About Dr. Michele Finneran


My services are proven to individuals, couples/marriages, families, organizations, and communities to get the recognition of the presenting issues and place strategies for improvement to overall success and achievement.

- Dr. Michele Finneran

Author, Clinical Psychotherapist, and
Mental Health Advocate

With a Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution/Dispute Analysis from Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Finneran is licensed to practice in Florida. Her research and experience focuses on the topic of domestic abuse populations. She also emphasizes thought and mood disorders, as well as psychological and emotional issues in her clinical, private practice. Dr. Finneran’s clinical practice is made up of a diverse population from pre-teens to adults. Many clients that Dr. Finneran treats are First Responders: law enforcement, police detectives, firefighters/EMT’s/paramedics, nurses, and medical personnel.


Driven by her mental health advocacy, Dr. Finneran now seeks to educate and inform others on her findings in regard to mental health, especially on the topic of domestic abuse by being open to nearly any and all speaking and educational events and opportunities for professionals alike.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns as well as partnership opportunities and business inquiries.

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