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Would you like to destress?

"The Compassion Conundrum: Strategies for First Responders and Service Providers to Prevent Fatigue" is what you need! 

  • Proactive Well-Being Preservation: The relentless stressors you face can take a toll on your physical and mental health. This resource is your compass, offering insights into strategies that can help you not only cope with these stressors but proactively safeguard your well-being.

  • The Armor of Resilience: In the line of duty, you encounter a multitude of stressors. Gain knowledge on emotional intelligence, coping mechanisms, and adaptive strategies to confront adversity.

  • Identifying and Responding to Stressors: A critical aspect of managing fatigue is to identify the root causes of stress in your life. This guide equips you with the tools to understand these stressors and provides actionable steps to respond effectively.


As a special bonus for signing up on our waitlist, you'll enjoy an exclusive discounted rate upon launch!  It's not just a guide; it's your ally in the quest for personal and professional balance.

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Dr.Michele Finneran

Author, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Advocate

With a Ph.D. in Conflict Resolution/Dispute Analysis from Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Finneran is licensed to practice in Florida.


Driven by her mental health advocacy, Dr. Finneran now seeks to educate and inform others on her findings in regard to mental health, especially on the topic of domestic abuse and stress by being open to nearly any and all speaking and educational events and opportunities for professionals alike.

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