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Honoring & Paying Respects: Two FBI Agents killed in Florida

Every day, first responders put themselves in harm’s way to keep the American people safe. Five Special Agents in South Florida this Tuesday, February 2, 2021 were a great example of this when in line of duty by truly displaying their bravery, tenacity and determination.

Unfortunately, this week we’ve received news that five FBI Special Agents were involved in a Sunrise, Florida shootout Tuesday. Two of which, Special Agent Daniel Alfin and Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger, died while on duty, executing a federal court-ordered search warrant in a crimes against children investigation.

Three other agents were shot and wounded. Two of which suffered injuries requiring hospital care, but are now in stable condition, and the third did not require hospitalization.

Special Agents Alfin and Schwartzenberger were most notably remembered for their relentless fight against violent crimes involving children.

Alfin’s work in particular helped lead to hundreds of child pornography arrests. Horrific crimes that involved online predators, sexual abuse, kidnappings and violent attacks were unearthed and forced to serve justice as he stood up for the victims as a testimony during their trials.

Shwartzenberger also spent years working to keep kids safe, with a special connection to a particular Miami middle school where she gave presentations to students in a law studies magnet program in the last five years.

FBI Director Chris Wray says they “exemplified heroism [that day] in defense of their country. The FBI will always honor their ultimate sacrifice and will be forever grateful for their bravery.”

These agents truly cared and aimed to protect the most vulnerable in our society. We should remember them by their heroic work, bravery and strength.

My thoughts and condolences are with the families and friends of the two FBI agents. Their sacrifices in defense of our nation and children will never be forgotten.

Sources: FBI.Gov

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