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What Does It Mean to Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset vs. 9 to 5 Employment?

While we’re hearing more and more about reaching financial freedom through ditching the regular 9 to 5, many still question what makes entrepreneurship different from a 9 to 5 job. After all, the entrepreneurial path will turn into a 9 to 5 job too, right?

While this is somewhat true, what’s important to note is that the mindset of an entrepreneur is very different from that of an employee, with higher responsibilities, attentiveness and overall work.

What is an entrepreneurial mindset?

An entrepreneurial mindset is also considered as a “whatever it takes mindset.” This is mainly because an entrepreneur lives and breathes their purpose and they set their sights on achieving the mission of their organization, oftentimes pushing the limits and working longer than the standard 9 to 5.

To have an entrepreneurial mindset one must showcase, understand and embody tenacity, determination, bravery, thought-out risks and a true passion for their craft. 

As an entrepreneur, one must also have a high sense of responsibility, by being responsible for themselves as well as in charge of employees working under the entrepreneur. It is likely that you will have to answer to employees, investors, clients and overall each and every stakeholder that plays a part in your business.

What is a 9 to 5 employment mindset (or employee mindset)?

An employee mindset is vastly different as you now work usual business hours because you’re getting paid for it as well as the security of a steady paycheck. You do not overstep limits or are responsible for anyone but yourself. In addition, what promotes someone to want to be employed by an employer is the consistent steady security of their time and their paychecks.

Overall, with an employee mindset you may also highly enjoy stability, as a 9 to 5 employment opportunity often provides a sense of security with little to no risk involved. 

Employee vs. Entrepreneur, what is right for me?

Depending on what you ultimately seek in life, either entrepreneurship or 9 to 5 may work best for you. Some important definitive factors in choosing what is right for you is outlined by Jay Colby below:

When entrepreneurship is right for you

  1. If you enjoy and have the patience to watch something you created grow

  2. If you don’t mind odd or extended hours of work

  3. When you have truly zoned in on what you love and are willing to commit to doing it for years

When a 9 to 5 job is right for you

  1. When you seek stability

  2. When you prefer to have more free time, often at a predictable time (think after 5 pm every day you are free, requesting days off, etc.)

  3. If you prefer less responsibility and stress

  4. If you perform better when being directed rather than doing the directing

When considering embarking on entrepreneurship all aspects of what it entails must come into play rather than just the financial freedom it may bring. It is also important to note that one is not more or less better, instead, it is extremely vital that you assess what is right for you and will most likely benefit you altogether.

If you or someone you know may be considering entrepreneurship or are undergoing a currently divisive and confusing time in their career, feel free to collaborate with me on my website


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