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What is considered quality relational connections?

High-quality friends are extremely important to have in your life. Social connectedness has a powerful impact on our mind-body connection and can give us meaning and happiness. But what is considered quality relational connections from a mind-body standpoint?

Our thoughts and emotions impact our physical health, just as our physical health affects our state of mind. This is referred to as the mind-body connection and can be enhanced by the relationships we have in our lives. Social interactions have been proven to be important to our mental and physical health. So how does having quality relational connections enhance our mind-body connection?

How Friendship Affects Our Mind-Body Connection

There are many uplifting effects of socializing and quality interactions. Some health benefits of social interactions include reduced anxiety and depression, creating higher self-esteem, and curating trusting and empathetic relationships. As well as mental health, socializing also helps your physical health. Social interactions have proven to strengthen your immune system, help you recover from illness quicker, and even help life longevity.

These health benefits from social interaction will enhance your mind-body connection because you are nurturing your mental and physical health through quality relational connections. Regardless of what that relationship may be, social interaction is a tool for a high-quality life.

What is Considered a Quality Relational Connection?

Knowing the characteristics of a great connection can help you appreciate the ones you already have while straying away from the ones that drain you. People in our lives will fall within the spectrum between acquaintance and good friend. Regardless of the type of relationship, it's important to know the characteristics of a high-quality connection.

Traits of Integrity

Qualities of integrity are core values held by almost every culture. Those qualities include trustworthiness, dependability, honesty, and loyalty. If a connection of yours portrays these traits, it's safe to assume they are a quality relational connection.

Traits of Caring

the qualities of a caring person are dependent on the individual. There are many ways to be described as caring, but almost all correspond with having personal insight, self-discipline, and unconditional positive regard for our friends. Are they supportive of you, even when they are having hard times? Do they demonstrate empathy and strong listening skills? Are they non-judgmental? These are the questions to ask yourself when wondering about quality relational connections.

Are You a Quality Relational Connection?

It's important to remember that everyone brings a different level of connection to a relationship. Take an honest look at your own behaviors to see if you are demonstrating high-quality traits. Nurturing friendships also starts with being a great one yourself. Not only are you enhancing your quality of life, but you are also strengthening your mind-body connection.

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