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All About A Gratitude Journal

achieve better health and happiness. A suggestion as a gentle reminder of this is my recommendation of a gratitude journal. In this month of November, that is full of thankfulness and reflection, I encourage you to adapt a gratitude journal.

View below more information on what is a gratitude journal and how to get started.

What is a gratitude journal?

Gratitude journaling is the habit of recording and reflecting on things (typically three) that you are grateful for on a regular basis. In essence, you are rewiring your brain to focus more on the positive aspects of your life and build up resilience against negative thoughts and situations.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a popular practice in positive psychology – the scientific study of happiness. It’s commonly also referred to as “counting your blessings” or “three good things.”

How to do it?

There is no wrong way of keeping a gratitude journal, but it should be focused around all things positivity and be written in regularly. You should also try and be specific as possible and feel free to be as personable as possible. Referring back to it frequently is also highly recommended in order to remember the good things in life.

Tips for keeping a gratitude journal

  1. Enjoy the little things – Specifics are what make your gratitude journal unique and full of little surprises. Being description and detailed oriented will help you to writtenly expression emotions along with gratitude

  2. Avoid repetition – Mix up your journal entries within the different spheres of your life, e.g. work, relationships, or health. This can keep the practice “fresh” and extend the effectiveness of gratitude journaling in each area of your life.

  3. Mention specific people and places – The goal of this suggestion is to help you learn more about who and what brings and affects your happiness.

  4. Don’t sweat the bad days – Everyone has bad. Days when nothing went your way. Gratitude journaling can be most important on the most difficult days – try to push aside the negativity and turn that negativity around. Remember, if opened, you can find positivity in any given negative situation.

  5. Flex your “writer” muscles – Have some fun with your posts! Throw in some extra adjectives and descriptives, try to describe the way the fall air tasted, and explore details you normally wouldn’t. It’s rare to find opportunities to write, and what could be better than your private journal?

  6. Make it a habit – It’s generally suggested that you try writing in a gratitude journal at night before bed or in the morning time to start your day. Setting a reminder or pairing it with another habit such as (brushing your teeth, meditating) will make it easier to be consistent.


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