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Building confidence just in time for summer

Summer is right around the corner which means that so are fad diets, certain body goals and expectations, and possibly visiting more pools and beaches than usual. Because of this, body confidence is known to significantly decline dramatically during this time. People have tendencies to compare self to others while at the pool, beach with wearing less clothes and exposing more skin. This can affect even the most confident person. Everyone is susceptible to lower body contents, especially during this time. Read on how to combat this and have a truly happy and healthy summer below.

Stick to What is True

During summer, advertisements are bombarded with heavily edited models and questions forehead lines such as, “Are you Beach Body Ready?” And while we have made this our normal, we must remember that these are ADs meant for us to buy into their product, as well as unrealistic expectations of us. Albeit difficult, we must cling to reality v. fantasy, as well as what is attainable for us.

Remember your Routine

Summer can bring a lot of changes and, for many, little to no structure. School is usually out and establishments usually operate a little bit differently. This can cause a shake-up in one’s routine, so it is recommended that we aim to maintain a routine in some way, especially with children and teens.

Stop focusing on flaws

Many people believe that if they pay attention to the parts of their body that they don’t like then they will be more motivated to fix them — this is wrong. Motivation comes from compassion and positive self-talk, not by bullying your body. Critical and negative thoughts stress and depress you, making your motivation to change harder. As a result, the more positive and accepting you are with your body, the better you will feel emotionally and physically.

Stop triggering yourself

Just because you get enjoyment from watching your favorite reality star or find a series entertaining doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. The same goes for social media handles, friends and family members: you know the drill, it feels good, then it triggers all the insecure thoughts for hours and even days after. Is this trigger really worth it? Anything that brings you more insecurity . .. just isn’t worth it.

Stop ‘fat-shaming’ yourself

When friends complain about their body image; it has the potential to impact you, too. You either feel compelled to tell them they are wrong and point out a “flaw” in your body or feel worse about yourself. Change the subject or ask your body bashing friend about something positive in his or her life. It will change the flow of the conversation and allow you to feel better about yourself too.

Stop discounting the positive

If you focus on what’s “wrong” with your body you will feel more insecure about everything in your life. Start pointing out the body parts that you use and need every day and become grateful for those strong legs for helping you walk to work or your eyes for allowing you to read this. The more you focus on what your body does for you and how it can work for you, the less likely you will be to get stuck in insecure thoughts.

Overall, by implementing these quick tips you, too, can have a happier summer and truly enjoy it. Your self-esteem can grow and you can become more confident . . .in your own skin. Practice them individually everyday and hopefully you will slowly see a change for the better.

Have a great summer ahead!

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