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Discussing the Mental health crisis in America

The American Psychological Association continuously issues a report based on extensive surveys called “Stress in America” and most recently, a 2020 report has showcased that “we are currently facing a national Mental Health crisis that could you be a serious health and social consequences for used to come.” Below, I would like to highlight The areas where we are currently seeing a spike and reasons as to why.

What is the Mental Health Crisis in America?

The Mental Health crisis in America consists of high-rising Statistics revolving around the mental state of those within America. For example, it has been found that the youth mental health is worsening with 9.7% of Youth in the US having severe major depression, compared to 9.2% in last year’s data set. suicidal ideation among adults is also increasing as well as an unmet need for mental health treatment.

Below, you can find an Easy-to-Read chart outlining the alarming statistics. 

Why is this occurring?

With a recent pandemic, U.S parents that were forced to flip their lives completely upside down have become more stressed. Additionally, those working within the education and health space have been likewise negatively impacted. Also due to the pandemic, students and children that otherwise would expel their energy during outside play and interact with others are having to stay indoors and suppress this side of themselves.

Even without taking the pandemic into account, Mental Health struggles have been on the rise throughout the years, which can stem from higher stressful environments and substance abuse.

With all this being said, if you would like some direct tips and information on how to live a happier, healthier life, feel free to follow me throughout my social medias as I post tips and helpful information there daily. Additionally If you seek one-on-one help, reach out to me through my contact page.

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