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Five Simple Reasons Why You Need to Stop Beating and Berating Yourself

It’s tough to silence your inner critic. As humans, we tend to overthink things to exhaustion, and it often gets us nowhere. Self-assessment is essential, and through introspection, we can find ways to improve ourselves, improve our relationships, and improve our life goals.

While self-critiquing is necessary for growth, excessive self-criticism is not necessary and can become a very unhealthy habit. We do not need to be perfect at everything, and it can be difficult to remind that voice in your head that you aren’t worthless, stupid, or inferior because you can’t do something. To drive this point home, here are five simple reasons why it’s pointless to beat yourself up.

It Drains Your Energy

Just as hating someone else takes up a lot of energy, hating parts of yourself takes up even more energy because you are constantly listening to your inner voice. Continuously doubting yourself and your abilities will become exhausting. Through this exhaustion, you won’t want to spend your energy elsewhere which can be uplifting to your mental health. Stop battling yourself and save your energy for things you enjoy!

It Highlights Your Insecurities and Sensitivity

Being your biggest critic means you are constantly comparing yourself to other people around you. This can mean comparing your worth, your beauty, your intelligence, and more to someone else. But the fact of the matter is, everyone is different! Beauty is subjective, intelligence can come in different forms, and everyone is worth something to someone. Berating yourself based on someone else is pointless and makes you overly sensitive. Celebrate yourself as much as you celebrate those around you.

It Prevents You From Finding Happiness

Instead of focusing on how far we’ve come, what we have accomplished, and our life’s biggest successes, we only think about the things we have done wrong. It is so easy for us to compliment our friends on their success, so why is it so hard to be proud of ourselves? Unbeknownst to you, there is someone out there who wishes they had your sense of humor, your charisma, or your job. Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished, it matters!

We Are Only Human

Slip-ups, mistakes, and even epic failures will be made. It is part of life's beautiful journey. Without mistakes, we have no room to grow and learn. Trying to be perfect is simply unattainable, and honestly boring! No rule says when you’re an adult, you’re going to know the perfect response to situations. Find joy in trial and error, because it will allow you to become a better version of yourself healthily.

Beating Ourselves up is Pointless

Perhaps the most important reason to not beat and berate ourselves is that it gets us nowhere. Thinking about a past situation to gain clarity is one thing, but nagging about mistakes you have made does not get you far. Criticizing yourself and the past will keep you stagnant, not push you forward. Be patient and forgiving to yourself. Life is a work in progress, so commit each day to thinking positively for yourself.

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