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Let’s Talk About Flirting, Banter, and Courting

Do you still flirt with your partner? If your answer is no, why? More often than not, when we get into relationships with people for long periods, we lose the playfulness that was once the fire at the beginning of that relationship. This is because we get comfortable in our security. While being secure in a relationship is a great thing, that’s not all a relationship needs.

Just like when it started, you need to put effort into your relationship to keep it strong. Speaking to your partner’s love language and continuing to support them is a no-brainer. But so is flirting! Flirting communicates to your partner “I enjoy you” and “you’re fun to be around.” And who doesn’t want to hear that?

How Do Flirting and Banter Make a Relationship Strong? Flirting with your partner is more than just about initiating intimacy. Continuing to court and flirt with your partner helps maintain a strong emotional connection by generating feelings of desire and attention. A relationship that lacks flirting can lead to feeling unwanted and unappreciated. Not only is it fun, but flirtatious banter also keeps both people in the relationship happy, which leads to more love and a deeper connection.

Reasons to Keep Up with Banter in Your Relationship

Aside from making the relationship stronger in general, there are other aspects of the relationship that benefit from flirting.

It’s Fun and Reminds Your Partner of Your Feelings

Sometimes, we need to inject something silly and sexy into the relationship. And truthfully, is flirting such a chore? It’s fun and lighthearted! In addition to adding a little spice to the relationship, it reminds your partner of your attraction to them. When we’re secure in our relationship, we can forget those feelings of attraction. Being flirtatious and incorporating some banter puts desire back into the relationship, leading to a stronger connection.

It Rekindles the Spark

In the early stages of a relationship, you’re both being flirty and putting yourself out there. It’s a great bonding experience and just downright feels good! Not only does flirting help emotionally, but it helps sexually too. Whether it’s intentional or not, flirting makes us think about sex. Flirting helps bridge the gap between emotional and sexual stability in a relationship and helps keep both parties plugged into each other.

It Keeps it a Relationship Instead of a Companionship

Romantic relationships are a lot of work, and sometimes we can easily slip into companionship. It’s great to have your partner be your best friend, but it’s not the only thing about relationships. Keeping the flirting and banter alive makes it known you’re into that person more than a friend.

Ways to Flirt to Keep up the Spark

There are so many ways to keep the relationship steamy, you just have to get creative! Go on a date night with your partner now and then, and recreate the mystery of when you first met. Send flirty texts throughout the day about how much you want to see them or find them attractive. Or maybe write your partner a love note once in a while.

Flirting is not so much your appearance, but more about your attitude. Being silly, confident, and playful allows room for more intimacy and closeness with your partner. Just have fun with it!

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