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Traveling and reconnecting with family and friends per post-pandemic this year

Traveling is one of the industries that has been most impacted by the pandemic and hence, forcibly undergone some significant changes. Likewise, reconnecting with family and friends for this holiday season will definitely look different than our experience last year.

Below is research on how travel will come back this year because people want to connect from a study done by Airbnb per Post-Pandemic.

  1. The type of travel people have missed the most is visiting with family and friends. Business travel is the type of travel they have missed the least.

  2. Connecting with family and friends is also the type of travel that has grown most in importance as people look to travel after the pandemic: 41% say such travel has become “much more” important to them, almost twice the percentage who cite travel to accomplish personal goals (22%).

  3. 21% of Americans would prefer to leave their phones at home than bring them along and visit traditionally popular places to get social media content.

  4. The ability to reconnect with friends and family (37%) and to feel safe while traveling (32%) are leading motivations to get vaccinated. 

  5. Family travel has not only grown in importance for people post-pandemic, but other recent research conducted by Airbnb suggests that family travel is the type of travel communities most want.

  6. One attribute specific to the first post-pandemic trip is that people are seeking a sense of calm and security. The top emotions they want to feel during that first trip are “relaxed” (44%), “comfortable” (34%) and “safe” (33%).

  7. Looking beyond the first trip, Americans still prioritize travel to be close to family (32%) but equally prioritize a new experience or destination (31%), preferably nearby, followed by a return to a favorite destination (25%). Older Americans (50+) are most interested in future travel to be close to family (33%) and to revisit a favorite spot (32%), followed by a new experience or destination (29%). Younger Americans remain most interested in a second trip as a new experience or destination (35%), followed by being close to family (31%), being close to nature (23%) and returning to a favorite place (23%).

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