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What Are Some Methods of Encouragement That I Can Implement As We Begin The New Year?

More often than not, people feel discouraged in their lives. Whether that be from their jobs, comparing their lives to other people, or interpersonal relationships, most of us feel discouraged from time to time. So how do we combat this as we move into the New Year?

It’s plain and simple. Motivation and encouragement are essential to make successful changes in your life. Challenges and discouragement can have you questioning if you are ready to take on a New Year. Don’t let your busy schedule, the opinions of others, or any other outside factors convince you that you can’t do something. Here are some methods of encouragement to help you in 2024. 

What is Encouragement?

By definition, encouragement is the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope. To encourage someone is to persuade them to do or continue to do something in a positive manner. While everyone wants to succeed and achieve their goals, many people need a small push. A lot of us, when feeling discouraged, go through a phase where we feel stuck. It’s important to encourage because it's motivational, helpful, and opens a plethora of opportunities. 

You may see examples of encouragement in the workplace or your personal life. Saying things like “We are extremely grateful for all your help” or “You are so inspiring” are some examples of showing encouragement and can be a strong motivator in someone's life. Simply telling someone they are doing a great job is a great way to encourage someone; or by giving your employee an old-fashioned, handwritten thank-you note goes a long way. While this may be helpful if you have some encouraging people in your life, how can we encourage ourselves? 

Methods of Encouragement

There are many ways we can encourage ourselves as we head into the New Year. In fact, a restart in attitude adjustment is the perfect way to turn over a new leaf. We all lose motivation from time to time. When you are feeling unmotivated, try one of these methods of encouragement and self-motivation techniques. 

Put a goal on the calendar

Create some external motivation with a target date. Set a goal to do something that you have always wanted to do. Maybe that means eating 3 healthy meals a week, reading one book a month, or running a 5k marathon. Set a small goal for how you want to accomplish this that can be realistic for you. 

Reward yourself for the small wins

Not everything always goes as planned, and that’s okay! Life happens, which means we have to adapt and adjust. Plan for imperfections and reward yourself for the small wins. This can include taking a short break, taking a long bath, enjoying some self-care, or going out with friends. Spending a few minutes or an hour celebrating the small wins can be extremely super-encouraging. 

Practice gratitude

There’s more than one way to foster gratitude. Think about the things you are grateful for, write them down, or tell them to someone close to you. If there is someone you are particularly grateful for, write them a letter and express your gratitude. While this may help with your own self-encouragement, there’s nothing wrong with encouraging others along the way. 

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