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What Are Some Ways to Show Appreciation

Appreciation is a fundamental need for us humans, in both our private and professional lives. Appreciation is often confused with affection, praise, and recognition, but it goes further than that. We need to feel that we are appreciated to know that we provide value to those around us. Whether that be in our relationships with family and friends, or with our employers and employees at the office, feeling appreciated is something we all need.

While we’ve established we all need to feel appreciated, sometimes it can be hard to show that to others. There are a lot of people who do things for you every day, and even though you may appreciate their efforts, it may be hard for you to show them. Here are some ways to show your appreciation to those you love. But first, the basics.

What is Appreciation?

Appreciation, by definition, is recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. Appreciation is synonymous with gratitude and is important to show to those who are always there for you when you need them. Showing appreciation makes your loved ones feel valued and cared for, and it also deepens your connection in all your relationships. Below are some easy ways you can show your appreciation that will make others feel good.

Give a Gift

Gift-giving is an obvious way to show appreciation but is one of the simplest ways to show someone that you value them. Give your employee or your friend a gift card to their favorite store, take them out to eat at their favorite restaurant, or buy them some flowers. The gift does not have to be outrageous, just something simple that you know they will love.

Write a Thank You Note

It's okay if you don’t have the funds to splurge on a gift for those you love. Simply writing an appreciative thank you note will go really far, especially if you aren’t very prone to writing letters. Expressing your gratitude in a note lets that person know their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Your thank you note doesn’t need to be super long or wordy, just a brief explanation of how much you value them and how much it means to you that they are in your life.

Spend Some Quality Time with Them

Doing something with those you appreciate is an underrated way of showing appreciation. Spending quality time doing something that they want to do can be a great way of showing your appreciation and also forming a stronger connection with them. No relationship is one-sided, so spending some time doing something with them that they find valuable can be an easy way to express gratitude.

Lend a Helping Hand

There are times when everyone needs a little extra help in their lives. If this person is always willing to help you out in a pinch, it’s time to return the favor. Helping them clean, helping them with their work, or whatever they need assistance with can go a long way. Not only does it show you appreciate their efforts, but it shows are willing to put in the same amount of effort into the relationship as they are.

Showing Appreciation is More Important Than We Realize

Showing others appreciation is a way to create a positive atmosphere, build stronger relationships, and provide a sense of value and comfort to those we care about. Without showing gratitude, relationships can become strained, and those who are really important to you may not feel as if they are. Always give them the same attention they are giving you, and show them you truly care about the role they play in your life.

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