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What Are the Feelings & Emotions That Come From Successful Transformations?

Personal change and transformation seem like an easy mark but are quite difficult depending on what your goals are. Personal change and transformation include anything positively uplifting applied to your daily life. This can include behavioral change, continuing education, going to therapy, or simply focusing on yourself and your self-care. While you may think these things could come easily, there is a reason we all have to work on actively making these changes for ourselves. 

Personal transformation is an internal shift that brings us up in alignment with our highest potential, and affects how we see and relate to the world. Because it is such a tremendous effort, the feelings and emotions that come with successful transformations can range from positive to negative. 

The Impact of Personal Change and Transformation

Whether you are participating in small goals in order to reach your big ones, or simply jumping right in with lots of adjustments, lifestyle changes can have a severe impact on your mental and physical well-being, and it should! Personal transformation takes time and requires effort, and support, ranging from big to small. By definition, you are literally taking on a personal transformation by changing your lifestyle to better suit your needs. Doing this can be extremely difficult. 

An example of this could be taking away a bad habit that you are used to depend on. When you remove the source you consider to be happiness, even though you know it is bad for you, you experience a sense of loss and grief before understanding the positive effects. This is just one example of the impact personal change can have on you, expected or unexpected. 

The Feelings and Emotions of Personal Transformation

Humans have always had a complicated relationship with change, as being change resistant. While it is both inevitable and essential for growth, change can be deeply uncomfortable and hard. Choosing to make a change in your life for the better means that what you were doing before is no longer what you want to happen in the future. Because of this, you understand exactly what you need to change so that you can move away from the chaos and into the calm. 

The feelings and emotions associated with successful transformations can include fear, shock, anger, depression, acceptance, happiness, and joy. Fear and shock because change is scary and unpredictable. Anger and depression because you may feel you are losing a piece of who you were. Acceptance because you are coming to understand that this lifestyle change is important and that it will help better align your future. Happiness and joy because hitting your goals and being successful in personal transformation means you put in the work to become a better you. 

The Importance of Personal TransformationPersonal change and transformation is a shift that brings us to better alignment with our goals, aspirations, and highest potential. The paths to transformation include transformative experiences and prioritizing developing physical and mental well-being. Yet it is an important experience to have to become a better version of yourself. Regardless of what that transformation may look like for you, the emotions and feelings that come with it are valid; so give yourself permission to feel those emotions that are attached. 

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